Wayne County Fishing Update



Streams- There is ice build-up on the banks of Maxwell Creek. Currently, Wayne county is experiencing ice pellets and frozen rain. Tomorrow it will be in the 40’s so who knows what the stream will look like. There were a few steelhead caught late last week. They were hitting egg sacs.

Bays- The ice on Sodus Bay is six inches thick depending on where you drill your holes. There is safe ice on the east side and by the docks on the west side. They are catching perch; however, you will find a variety of smaller ones. They are hitting bright jigs tipped with spikes. But, the good news is… there are plenty of perch.

The jigs that glow seem to be working.

Port Bay has the same thickness of ice; however, the wind is cranking at 30 plus, so no one is on the ice. Tomorrow will be warmer and less wind. Port Bay, like Sodus, has plenty of perch…you need to release the small ones and keep the 10 to 12-inch fish.

So…. we have our safe ice, however none of the bays freeze uniformly. You can follow the crowds if you are not sure. It’s still not safe for any machines.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.

We have a brand-new Wayne County Fishing Brochure. This publication features where to go, what to use, and what to catch. Call our office for a free fishing packet, including the new brochure. 1-800-527-6510. We also have a new publication on Great Lakes fishing.

Erie Canal- The canal is now frozen so you can try fishing the Widewaters section east of Newark on Route 31.





Chris Kenyon

Chris Kenyon of Wolcott, NY is a regular columnist with the Finger Lakes Times, Sun and Record, Lake Ontario Outdoors and freelance writer with other publications, as well as Recreational Promotional Coordinator for Wayne County Tourism. Chris assists with the Grandslam Youth Derby and other outdoor events. He also takes time to work with the Montezuma Audobon Center on programs involving kids, including their Youth Pheasant Hunt. He is a constant presence at sportsmen's events, shows, and anything involving the outdoors. Kenyon is a tireless advocate for enjoying the outdoors, preserving the environment, and sharing knowledge and skills.