b'HuntingWith a robust population of whitetail deer, wild turkeys and over 10,000 acres of public hunting grounds, Wayne County offers the perfect combination for the hunting enthusiast. Our deer are trophy-sized bucks. A recent study using New York State Big Buck Clubs trophy records rated Wayne the seventh county in the state for producing wall hanging deer.Waterfowlers have the opportunity to hunt migratory speciesas they make their annual flights. The open waters of Lake Ontario flourish with mergansers, buffleheads and goldeneyes. The calmer waters of Wayne County bays and the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge have abundant populations of teals, mallards, black ducks and pintails.Within the borders of Wayne County, hunters-both big and small game as well as waterfowlers will find great opportunities for their sport. LOH Outfitters(315) 374-8209 lohoutfitters.com TaxidermyClingerman Taxidermy4995 Brick Schoolhouse Road, North Rose, NY 14516(315) 587-2259WAYNECOUNTYTOURISM.COM 13'