b'(photo: Jack Kidd) KEYCheck out the Annual BLIND SODUS BAYEvents on page 54 CAMPGROUNDS MUSEUMS LAKE ONTARIO 48Blind Sodus Bay Rd.to learn of the otherBED & BREAKFASTS FARM ATTRACTIONS unique experiences & WINERIESErie CanalWayne County HOTELS & MOTELS PORT BAY 7349page 4 has to offer. CHIMNEY EAST BAYPULTNEYVILLE SODUSBLUFFS 50 . d R n w ro BSailing 3 4 Se POINT Chimney Hgts Blvd.Lake Rd. 5 . d R p m a w S r a e B away Trail Dutch Street Rd. 104AChapmans Cornerspage 21 WILLIAMSON 6 68 65 . d R r e n r a G . d . d R h t r o w s d WaR. d R e n i L y t n u o C . d R e d i s e k a L . d R r e h s i F Jersey Rd. Lake Bluff Rd.ySalmon Creek Rd.a1 67 66 SODUS51B35 Slaght Rd.Town Line Rd. . d R y r a n e t n e C N 41 2t Ontario Center Rd.Furnace Rd. d d R r e k c o b r e k c i n K 7 Lake Rd. BAY ro. d R n ro u H N P. e Av e l p a M . d R y a B E E8 VILLAGE OFRed Creek Rd.Lake Ave. SODUS 63 52 . d R y a B t r o P W R RED CREEKN Geneva Rd. Furn ce a104 104 13 71 10 Lummisville Rd.Ridge Road . d R y r a n e t n e C S 62 4 1 . t R VILLAGE OF 45 11 468 8 . t R . Ridge Road 9 ONTARIO . 12 ALTON d 55 WOLCOTT 44d RR yleaplcarhaEddy Rd.WEST C 104 19e B Rt. 414g 9 8 . t RRt. 350d(photo: Wolf Tinz) ROCHESTERiRBUFFALO43 EASTWALWORTH 21 88 60 SYRACUSE Family Fun 350 14 58 57 ALBANYCOMEpage 28 MARION 14 59 414 89.d d.RR sr e en g ROSEr o dEXPERIENCE441 15 16 17 18CiR eyroC aplWalworth-Marion Rd. M-eWAYNELYONS BUTLERl i vr i aFEddy Rd. SAVANNAH20 30COUNTY ARCADIA GALEN 8931F 21 PALMYRA 3821 39 VILLAGE OF Chimney Bluffs MACEDON 31 40 Clydepage 6 31 22 61 36 31 4224 E 7225 R d. VILLAGE OFIE 74R26 Palmyra C 37au g i a 23 AN 31d 27 LAnana 28 33 VILLAGE OF C32 Newark BED & BREAKFASTS TO N.Y. STATE THRUWAY EXIT 43 34 TO N.Y. STATE THRUWAY EXIT 42 TO N.Y. STATE THRUWAY EXIT 41Birding 29page 8 HOTELS/MOTELSCAMPGROUNDS73 Black Creek Farm Bed & Breakfast, Red Creek 67 The Cliffs at Sodus Point, Sodus Point,5 Raked South Garden Bed59 Piney Woods Campground, 52 Bonnie Castle Farm Bed & Breakfast, Wolcott 39 The Erie Mansion Bed & Breakfast, Clyde & Breakfast, Pultneyville North Rose28 Best Western Palmyra Inn, 46 Cherry Grove Campground,27 The Thomas Galloway House Bed 49 Port Bay RV Park & Campground,41 Burnaps Bed & Breakfast and Beyond, Sodus 24 Liberty House Bed & Breakfast, Palmyra Palmyra Wolcott& Breakfast At Paragon Farm, Wolcott68 South Shore RV Park, Sodus26 Canaltown Bed & Breakfast, Palmyra 74 Old Duck Inn, Clyde Palmyra 31 Newark Garden Hotel, Newark 48 Holiday Harbor Resort/RV Park66 Sodus Point Accommodations Including: 34 Peppermint Cottage & Jackson 32 Vintage Gardens Bed & Breakfast, 45 Wolcott Hotel & Motor Inn, & Campground, Wolcott22 Twilight on the Erie RV Resort, Carriage House Inn, Sodus PointSchool House Bed & Breakfast, Lyons Newark Wolcott 51 Lake Bluff Campground, HuronMacedon(photo: Dave Spier) Silver Waters Bed & Breakfast, Sodus Point 38 Nor-Win Campground, Lyons37 Whispering Winds Campground,Wickham House, Sodus Point NewarkVG2019 Printed in the USA cover photo: Kyle D. Meddaugh, onephotophoto.com FOR MORE INFO: 800-527-6510 WAYNECOUNTYTOURISM.COM'