FOR MORE INFO: 800-527-6510 24 Wayne County welcomes you to experience our rich heritage. There is so much to explore and learn through each town and village history. Museums and exhibits celebrate the early Native Americans, Peppermint Industry, the former Wayne County Jail and Sheriffs residence, a 19th century “original” general store, Mormon History, the Erie Canal, an 1870 Lighthouse and the list continues. Learn about the introduction of agriculture and transportation and the impact it had on Wayne County. Visit our Bicentennial Peace Gardens commemorating the War of 1812, which are located in Pultneyville and Sodus Point. Our cultural attractions offer unique events throughout the year. Visit the event listings at MUSEUMS & HISTORIC SITES BUTLER Butler Historical Preservation Society & Historic Sites PO Box 34, Butler, NY 13154 (315) 594-1844 Butler Church Museum 4518 Butler Center Road, Butler, NY 13154 Restored, oldest known Methodist Church in Wayne County, built in 1836. Now a Church Museum listed on the NYS and National Registers for Historic Places. Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse Route 89 off Route 104 East Corner of Van Vleck Road, Butler, NY 13154 Restored, cobblestone one room schoolhouse believed to be the “oldest” in North America, listed on the NYS and National Registers for Historic Places. William Phelps General Store