FOR MORE INFO: 800-527-6510 40 APPLE CIDER Apple Town Farm Market The Apple Shed APPLES SPECIALTY PRODUCTS PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS! CALL FOR YOUR FREE COPY! (800) 527-6510 Annual event every October! A detailed map for your self guided tour. Contact information for the above listings can be found on pages 34-38 APPLE TASTING TASTING WEEKEND 17TH ANNUAL TOUR TOUR CHALLENGE A TASTE OF WAYNE COUNTY APPLE WINE Young Sommer Winery APPLE SPIRITS Apple Country Spirits Glenrose Spirits Distillery HARD CIDER Embark Craft Ciderworks at Lagoner Farms Old Goat Cidery at The Apple Shed Rootstock Ciderworks at Apple Country Spirits Stone Will Cider at Young Sommer Winery 40 FOR MORE INFO: 800-527-6510