b'The Great OutdoorsErie Canal Come enjoy theEra of the Erie!The Erie Canal is a major attraction and recreational resource in Wayne County. The canal had a huge impact on the surrounding canal towns and villages of Macedon, Palmyra, Newark, Lyons and Clyde. The canal provided inexpensive and easy transportation of goods, which allowed agriculture and industry to develop. Local museums depict the Era of the Erie in many exhibits and remnants of the old canal 350 21 41488 1489To MACEDON PALMYRA LYONS CLYDERochester l31 31 31 n a 31 Toa SyracuseCe21 414To NYSr i14 EThruway Exit 43& Canandaigua NEWARK To NYS To NYSTo IthacaThruway Thruway Exit 41Exit 42 & Seneca Falls& Geneva4 FOR MORE INFO: 800-527-6510'