Wayne County Fishing Update

February 11, 2020 


Streams- Steelhead are being caught in Maxwell Creek. The shoreline is an icy-slushy mix, however you can still fish.

Steelhead like anything bright…mostly a red color. Or go with egg sacs. The water flow is excellent. There are plenty of parking spaces in the DEC parking lot on the north side of Lake Road.

You can’t fish the Sodus channel because of ice build-up.

Bay Bridge Sport Shop at the south end of Sodus Bay has everything you need for stream angling.

Bays- Current ice conditions vary on Sodus Bay. The north end is open water. Ice thickness straight out from Shaker Road is six to eight, however if you go east or west from Shaker, ice is not solid.

Two anglers broke through ice near Thornton Point over the weekend and had to be rescued.

Because this is a weekly report, ice conditions can change in a day. Always use caution, especially with the mild winter we are experiencing. Safe ice today is no guarantee for tomorrow.

Make sure you know where the creeks are that flow into the bay. That’s where the ice is never solid.

A cold freeze is predicted later this week which should make some better, safer ice.

LeRoy Island on the north east side of Sodus Bay continues to produce some nice pike. Tip-ups with pike minnows is the normal routine.

Make sure you are aware of open water.

The season for pike runs through March 15th. Length is 22 inches and the creel limit is five a day in Lake Ontario embayments.

Port Bay has safer ice than Sodus, however, stay away from the channel area. The perch have been hitting off the points and near the narrows of the bay.

Use smaller jigs and tip them with spikes or perch eyes and keep your line light.

If you need tackle and bait Bay Bridge Sport Shop and Davenports at the south end of Sodus Bay are always open. They both have live bait if you like fishing with small minnows.

They also have plenty of fresh spikes.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com 

Erie Canal- No one is fishing the canal.