Wayne County Fishing Update

October 14, 2019


Lake Ontario- A little action out from Hughes Marina on this Columbus Day holiday, however the salmon run is not very spectacular to say the least. There are some staging kings out from the chute at Sodus Bay, however lake fishing is over for this season.

It was another record year for Lake Ontario fishing, and spring fishing will be here before you know it.

Streams-The kings and browns in Maxwell Creek is either a hit or a miss. The flow is not conducive for teasing trout to enter streams. A few browns were hitting egg sacs, but not like last year. Hopefully it’s a late start for stream fishing, but the word up and down the lake has been the same…a very slow trib season. 

Bays- Fishing the Wayne County bays has been great. Largemouth bass are everywhere and hitting worm rigs.

The famous perch fishing in the bays has been spotty with nothing really setting-up. They are there and there has been plenty of class sizes, they just haven’t been localized. You need to do some moving around. That will change as the water cools down and they school.

The perch are hitting small 2-inch Power Bait tipped with spikes, or you can try rosy-red minnows.

When they start to school, they will be off the points in Sodus and Port Bays.

Winter anglers will be on the ice by mid- December if we have the cold Canadian air cross Lake Ontario. And if the perch bite like the last two years there will be some nice 12 inchers in the pail. 

Currently all launch sites are open in Wayne County.

If you need tackle Bay Bridge Sport Shop and Davenports at the south end of Sodus Bay are always open. B-E Fishing in Ontario has everything you need to put you on the water. B-E will be closing after decades of offering bait and tackle for anglers fishing this region. Keep an eye-out for some tremendous sales.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com. 

Erie Canal- The canal will officially close Tuesday October 16th for boat traffic, however that won’t interfere with fishing certain sections.

The canal waters are running in the high 60-degree temperature which is perfect for bass fishing, fish the south side of the waters where the weedlines are thick.