b'HIKING & BIKINGWhen traveling folks plan on visiting the rural beauty of Wayne County, outdoor recreation is usually at the top of the to-do list. We border Lake Ontario on the north and the historic Erie Canal on the south. Between those geographical icons youll find a variety of trails.The biking and hiking trails in the southern region of the county follow the historic Erie Canal where the terrain is relatively flat. Although limited sections of the Canalway Trail are not yet complete, these sections follow secondary roads for a safe ride.The many hiking trails in the county offer a variety of terrain. You can meander through meadows, hike old growth woods, visit special places to view migrating birds or walk theTrail Groupsshores of Lake Ontario. MACEDON TRAILS COMMITTEEVisit the rural beauty of macedontown.net/trailsWayne County the quiet way. Oversees trails network Ride your bike or trek thein Macedon.trails. Its healthy for your TRAIL WORKS, INC.mind and body. PO Box 43, Williamson Download trails at trailworks.orgwaynecountytourism.com Trail Works, Inc. is dedicated to the development and enjoyment of trails for all uses in Wayne County. 30 Passport trails are listed on the website to explore! Jack KiddWANT MORE INFO ?Order a FREE Biking Guideavailable by calling (315) 946-546910'