b'SEE & DOChris KenyonWayne County welcomes you toexperience our rich heritage. Thereissomuchtoexploreandlearnthrougheachtownandvillagehistory.MuseumsandexhibitscelebratetheatheformerWayneCountyJailandSheriffsresidence,a19thcenturyoriginalgeneralstore,MormonHistory,theErieCanal,an1870Lighthouseandthelistcontinues.LearnabouttheintroductionofagricultureandtransportationandtheimpactithadonWayneCounty.VisitourBicentennialPeaceGardenscommemoratingtheWarof1812,whicharelocatedinPultneyvilleandSodusPoint.Our cultural attractions offer The S ites unique events throughout the GUIDE TO WAYNE COUNTYH istoricWayne County year. Visit the event listings at Courthouse26 Church St., Lyonswaynecountytourism.com.First Civil War Memorial inNew York State Nov. 1865, Lakeview Cemetery, Williamson (Pultneyville)3967 Lake Rd.Erie Canal Lock 28A and Lyons Dry Dock7665 Dry Dock Rd., LyonsWANT MORE INFO ?Sodus BayLighthouse Museum Request this brochure:7606 N. Ontario St., Sodus PointMuseum of Wayne CountyWayne Countys Historic Sites.History, ca. 1854 Sheri s Residence, O ce, & Jail, serving that purpose for over 100 years21 Butternut St., LyonsOf ce of the Wayne County Historian (315) 946-54697376 State Route 31Lyons, New York 14489-9172(315) 946-5470 web.co.wayne.ny.us22'