b'Museum of Wayne County History21 Butternut Street, Lyons, NY 14489(315) 946-4943 waynehistory.org Located in the former Wayne County jail and sheriff\'s residence built in 1856. Many exhibits and changing displays. Open Tues-Fri 10am-4pm, plus Sat June-August.Newark-Arcadia Historical Society & Museum120 High Street, Newark, NY 14513(315) 331-6409 newarkarcadiamuseum.orgPalmyra Historic Museum (Historic Palmyra Complex)132 Market Street, Palmyra, NY 14522(315) 597-6981 historicpalmyrany.com23 rooms of exciting local area history and artifacts.Jack Kidd Jack KiddMuseum of Wayne CountyHoffman Clock Museum,Peppermint Museum/H.G. Hotchkiss BuildingHistory, Lyons Newark95 Water Street, Lyons, NY 14489(315) 946-4596 lyonsheritagesociety.org Erie Canal Area The 1841 Peppermint Museum houses original artifacts of the once International Alling Coverlet Museum (Historic Palmyra Complex) Peppermint Oil industry. Ten rooms to explore, tours, exhibits, gift shop, 122 William Street, Palmyra, NY 14522 resource/media centers.(315) 597-6981 historicpalmyrany.com The Landmark Society of Western New York, Stewardship Award RecipientLargest collection of hand-woven coverlets in America.Print Shop (Historic Palmyra Complex)Book of Mormon Publication Site (LDS Site) 140 Market Street, Palmyra, NY 14522217 East Main Street, Palmyra, NY 14522 (315) 597-6981 historicpalmyrany.com(315) 597-5982 churchofjesuschrist.org Original printing equipment made in Palmyra and the history of type from 1838 to 1972. Historic site of publication of Book of Mormon. Restored building includes authenticThe Fox Sisters of Hydesville Memorial Park1830s bookstore, bindery and print shop. Free guided tour. Open daily.1510 Hydesville Road, Newark, NY 14513Brick Church Museum (315) 879-8804 By appointment only.31 North Park Street, Clyde, NY 14433 William Phelps General Store (Historic Palmyra Complex)(315) 923-7150 galenhistoricalsociety.org 140 Market Street, Palmyra, NY 14522Erie Canal Depot (Historic Palmyra Complex) (315) 597-6981 historicpalmyrany.com 136 Market Street, Palmyra, NY 14522 The museum "where time stands still," a 19th century general store with original items. (315) 597-6981 historicpalmyrany.com Formally a boarding house, tavern, bakery and home.Experience an old passenger and commercial depot.Hill Cumorah & Visitor Center (LDS Site) 603 Route 21, Palmyra, NY 14522(315) 597-5851 churchofjesuschrist.org Site where Joseph Smith received the gold plates from the Angel Moroni.Free guided tours. Open daily.Hoffman Clock Museum A trip along the New York State Haunted History Trail is an 121 High Street, Newark, NY 14513 (Newark Public Library)adventure into the otherworldly, a peek into the past, a get-(315) 331-4370 (Library) hoffmanclockmuseum.org together with ghosts and an experience unlike any other. Joseph Smith Farm & Sacred Grove (LDS Site) Wayne Countys stops on the trail include Palmyras Historical 843 Stafford Road, Palmyra, NY 14522(315) 597-1671 churchofjesuschrist.org Museum, the William Phelps General Store, The Museum Two miles from Palmyra, includes Welcome Center, reconstructed Log Home (1818),of Wayne County and The Fox Sisters Property/Hydesville restored Smith frame home (1825) and Sacred Grove. Free guided tours. Open daily.Memorial Park. Whether you decide to participate in a ghost Macedon Academy hunt or go on a guided tour, the experiences will not disappoint. 1185 Macedon Center Road, Macedon, NY 14502(585) 455-3798 macedonhistoricalsociety.org A mix of history, unexplained phenomena and tragedy. Mill Museum Visit HauntedHistoryTrail.com to learn more about this 14 Sodus Street, Clyde, NY 14433(315) 923-7150 galenhistoricalsociety.orgNew York State Trail.24 FOR MORE INFO:(315) 946-5469 WAYNECOUNTYTOURISM.COM 25'