b'The newest Wayne County mural located at the Wayne County Mural ManiaHumane SocietyMural mania is sweeping across western New York with an emphasisThere are approximately 6 people that paint on canal towns. It got its grassroots beginning in Lyons and thethe murals. The fun begins once sketches and mania is tagging the villages along the canal. Generally, the murals depict early life along the canal in the hopes of preserving thepaintbrushes hit the canvas.history of this period through art.The mural trail features 50+ murals spanning over 100 miles. A high concentration of murals is located in Wayne County with 37, each telling a different story.Murals can be found on the Hit the Trail app. (315) 946-5469"The Preservation of History throughSRS PhotographyCommunity Art" Muralist, Bev Owen painted over 100 of the animals on this muralSRS PhotographyDownload the Hit the Trail Wayne County App28 FOR MORE INFO:(315) 946-5469 WAYNECOUNTYTOURISM.COM 29'