Take winter fun to a whole new level. This winter when the snow flies, the place to be is on the snow tubing hill at Greystone…a state-of-the-art 10-lane, 1,000 foot snow-tubing run! Anticipated opening this month.  Sign up for newsletter updates on the opening date. https://www.greystonetubing.com/news/email

Snow machines will be cranking out the powder, and groomed lanes guarantee a fast, smooth track for tubers of all ages. At the top of the hill, staff monitors lane traffic and ensures safe spacing. When it’s your time to fly, get ready for a nearly one-minute adrenaline rush of a ride.

At Greystone, you spend more time tubing and less time trudging back up and dragging your tube. Just clip your tube to the power lift and glide back up to the top of the hill for your next exhilarating ride.