Alling Coverlet Museum

122 William Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Largest collection of hand-woven coverlets in America.

Telephone(315) 597-6981
Brick Church Museum

North Park Street, Clyde, NY, 14433

Telephone(315) 923-7150

4518 Butler Center Road, Butler, NY, 13154

Restored, oldest known Methodist Church in Wayne County, built in 1836. Listed on the NYS & National Registers for Historic Places.

Telephone(315) 365-3080
Butler Historical Preservation Society

PO Box 34, Butler, NY, 13154

Telephone(315) 365-3080
Carriage House Museum

5994 Jefferson Street, Wolcott, NY, 14590

Telephone(315) 594-9494
Clingerman Wildlife Museum

4995 Brick Schoolhouse Road, North Rose, NY, 14516

Telephone(315) 587-2259
Erie Canal Depot

136 Market Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Experience an old passenger and commercial depot.

Telephone(315) 597-6981
Galen Historical Society

North Park Street, PO Box 43, Clyde, NY, 14433

Telephone(315) 923-7150
Grandin Building

217 East Main Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Historic site of publication of Book of Mormon. Restored building includes authentic 1830's bookstore, bindery and print shop. Free guided tour. Open daily.

Telephone(315) 597-5982
Heritage Square Museum

7147 Ontario Center Road, Ontario, NY, 14519

A collection of ten historic 1800's buildings furnished with period artifacts. Open Saturday & Sunday from 1:30pm to 4pm, June through October.

Telephone(315) 524-5356
Hill Cumorah & Visitor Center

603 State Route 21, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Site where Joseph Smith received the gold plates from the Angel Moroni. Site of annual outdoor pageant in July. Free guided tours. Open daily.

Telephone(315) 597-5851
Hoffman Clock Museum

121 High Street (Newark Public Library), Newark, NY, 14513

Telephone(315) 331-4370 (Library)
Joseph Smith Farm

843 Stafford Road, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Two miles from Palmyra, includes restored Smith Frame Home (1825), reconstructed Log Home (1818) and Sacred Grove. Free guided tours.

Telephone(315) 597-1671
Macedon Historical Society/Macedon Academy

1185 Macedon Center Road, Macedon, NY, 14502

Telephone(585) 455-3798
Museum of Wayne County History

21 Butternut Street, Lyons, NY, 14489

Located in former Wayne County jail and sheriff's residence. Built in 1856. Many exhibits and changing displays. Open Tuesday-Friday from 10am to 4pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm (June-August).

Telephone(315) 946-4943
Newark-Arcadia Historical Society & Museum

120 High Street, Newark, NY, 14513

Telephone(315) 331-6409
Palmyra Historic Museum

132 Market Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

23 rooms of exciting local and area history and artifacts.

Telephone(315) 597-6981
Palmyra Print Shop

140 1/2 Market Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

Original printing equipment made in Palmyra and the history of type from 1838 to 1972.

Telephone(315) 597-6981
Peppermint Museum/H.G. Hotchkiss Building

95 Water Street, Lyons, NY, 14489

The 1841 Peppermint Museum houses original artifacts of the once International Peppermint Oil industry. Ten rooms to explore, tours, exhibits, gift shop, resource/media centers.

Telephone(315) 946-4596
Roe Cobblestone Schoolhouse

Corner of Van Vleck Rd and Rt 89, Butler, NY, 13154

Restored cobblestone one room schoolhouse believed to be the "oldest" in North America. Listed on the NYS & National Registers for Historic Places.

Telephone(315) 365-3080
Rose Historical Society Museum

5016 North Main Street, North Rose, NY, 14516

Telephone(315) 594-1657
Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum

7606 North Ontario Street, Sodus Point, NY, 14555

1870 lighthouse museum and gardens. Exhibits cover lighthouse, maritime and bay area histories. Spiral tower staircase, library, gift shop, tours, weddings, discounts, picnics, free concerts.

Telephone(315) 483-4936
The Fox Sisters of Hydesville Memorial Park

1510 Hydesville Road, Newark, NY, 14513

By appointment only.

Telephone(315) 879-8804
The Marion Museum at Jennie's House

3794 South Main Street, Marion, NY, 14505

Telephone(585) 738-6577
Wallington Cobblestone Schoolhouse

6135 North Geneva Road, Sodus, NY, 14551

Telephone(315) 483-8454
Walworth Historical Society Museum

2257 Academy Street 2257 Academy Street , Walworth, NY, 14568

Telephone(315) 524-9205
William Phelps General Store Museum

140 Market Street, Palmyra, NY, 14522

A 19th century original general store with original items and home.

Telephone(315) 597-6981
Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society

4130 Mill Street, PO Box 92, Pultneyville, NY, 14538

Telephone(315) 589-9892

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