Chimney Bluffs State Park

Towering 150 feet above Lake Ontario in the Town of Huron, Wayne County, NY these bluffs, which are a large clay drumlin formed six to ten thousand years ago by a glacier, then eroded by waves and weather are now part of 597 acres acquired by New York State in 1963 to create Chimney Bluffs State Park. Hike the trails or walk the shoreline, either one will leave you awestruck! Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty Nature provided. This park offers several hikes and is a photographer's paradise. The western half of the park has mowed grass trails through fields and scrubland. The eastern half is wooded with 6 to 8 foot-wide forest trails. The bluffs face Lake Ontario with a narrow dirt trail along their edge. The highest point of land is in the northeast part of the park. THE BLUFF TRAIL IS CLOSED UNTIL IT IS REROUTED IN THE FUTURE!

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